Why Food To Dish?


I was raised by a single mom and had two older brothers. Mom worked long hours to support us and barely had time to cook. That meant lots of canned foods, quick casseroles, TV dinners, and take out. We rarely had fresh veggies, meat meant hamburger (no fish or chicken unless it was in sticks or nuggets), and jello with canned fruit was our only exotic dessert treat. All of this seemed just fine for my simple siblings (they barely graduated high-school and spent most of their tweens and teens stoned in the 60’s), but I wanted more.


It was at the age of five that I became fascinated with television cooking shows. Julia Child was my dream mom and the Galloping Gourmet seemed like the perfect dad (hmm, we didn’t really know what gay was back then. Today it’s so obvious). Their fantasy kitchens with the shiny pots and pans, luxurious refrigerators and pantries stocked with stocked with myriad of mouthwatering delights, and colorful vast table settings with sparkling crystal and silver seemed like a dream world that I wanted to live in. So, while other kids were outside playing ball, or riding bikes, or at the playground, I was in the kitchen, pretending to be a culinary king.


This was the beginning of my life-long fascination with food. For over forty years, I’ve read thousands of cookbooks from cover-to-cover, travelled the world to meet chefs and experience all types of cuisine, and entertained in my own home cooking meals for two to two hundred. I can take just about any food ingredients and transform them into magical experiences. From shopping, to preparation, to sharing. My friends know that I’m the go-to guy for recipes, tips on tools and techniques, and culinary finds. I love everything to do with anything edible. That’s why I’ve created Food To Dish!

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