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I’ve been to dish before and was dish-appointed.  However, friends pushed me to give it another try.  I decided to stop by for lunch.  I sat in the bar area.  Looks nice, but the high-boy tables with low back seats are really uncomfortable.  Also of note, at noon, the place was empty.  Hmm.  I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich.  The description sounded lovely.  White cheddar, guacamole, zucchini, mushrooms and sprouts.  $12  Served with pomme frites or a Caesar salad for an additional $2.  I opted for the Caesar.  The service was friendly but the delivery was slow.  A little surprising considering the lack of customers and the simplicity of the dish.  Took about 35 minutes.  When the plate arrived, the presentation was actually quite nice.  The sandwich was diagonally sliced into two halves, perfectly stacked on top of one another and secured with an embellished toothpick.  The Caesar was neatly set to the side, lightly dressed and the romaine was beautifully dark and fresh.  My mouth was watering.  I picked up the sandwich and took my first bite, expecting something special.  But…the sandwich was dry with way too many sprouts and almost no cheese!!!  The raw zucchini and mushrooms were a nice touch, but again, dry and overpowering and there was almost no guacamole.  This really was a misrepresented dish.  More like grilled bread with a load of veg, no seasoning, and little flavor.  What a disappointment.  And on to the Caesar.  How could such a sumptuous looking salad be so bland and flavorless?  I guess the beauty of dish lies in the presentation, but I have to dish dish when it comes to timing, texture, and taste.
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Palm Springs, California

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