i.d - Delafield, WI - 5 Golden Spoons

Incredibly Delicious!


What a find. We had heard good things about I.d., but I had no idea we were in for such a fantastic culinary adventure. We were a group of six, that arrived without reservations. Quite luckily, they were able to seat us at a high-top family style table in the bar area. Really great atmosphere with lots of energy and a full view into the kitchen. When I first looked at the menu, I must admit I was taken back by the unique categories – Snacks & Spreads, Leaves & Roots, Feathers & Tails, Fins & Shells, Sugar & Spice. I thought to myself, this could either be some sort of gimmick leading to a disappointment or an absolutely creative new twist on menu design. Luckily, it turned out to be the latter. The concept is for shared plates. So glad there were six of us so we could enjoy a lot of different dishes. We started with the Cuban Fritters. Roasted garlic, house pickles, gruyere formed into lovely round spheres garnished with crispy thin sliced ham. Perfect presentation in a charming ceramic hand-thrown pottery bowl garnished with microgreens. Upon first bite, the texture was crisp on the outside and wonderfully creamy on the inside. And the flavor….somehow the chef had managed to capture the perfect Cubano sandwich in a fritter! Outrageous. Next course, Pig Head – braised face, 10 year cheddar grits, bbq peas, crispy ears, and chard. Who does this? While it sounds a bit exotic and questionable, it was another dish prepared to perfection that was absolutely delicious. Wow. On to the Organic Chicken – asparagus, ramps, morels, fiddlehead, tarragon and quinoa. Really? Fiddlehead fern, morels, and quinoa in Delafield, Wisconsin? Another inspired dish that was the ultimate pairing of flavors and textures. The list of outrageous and outstanding culinary treats continued. Wood Grilled Octopus, Radicchio, Arugula and Fennel Flatbread, Pancetta and Artichoke, Trofie Pasta…..and more. Even the deserts were amazing. Carrot Cake-Less – cream cheese, candied walnuts, vanilla roasted pineapple, ginger and cilantro. Stunning flour-less treat. Was I dreaming?   This was Michelin Star level dining. Honestly I still can’t believe the experience. It rivaled dinners I’ve had in some of the finest restaurants around the world. On top of that, dishes ranged from about $6 to $16 on average. Crazy. I had the privilege of meeting the Chef, Jonna Froelich, at the end of the meal. I couldn’t give her enough praise and you could see the passion she has for her work which shines in every plate. I’m not exaggerating when I say that dining at I.d. was one of the most memorable and delicious experiences I’ve ever had. While I live in Palm Springs, California, I will literally be flying to Delafield again, just to enjoy I.d.   Incredibly delicious.

888-942-4274 ext. 701

Palm Springs, California

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