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A Dash of Deliciousness


Trace has been a favorite lunch stop of mine for years.  I don’t know why I haven’t reviewed it sooner because it is an absolute gem with consistently creative cuisine and exceptional service.  This week, I popped over to entertain a couple of clients.  We were warmly greeted by the hostess and escorted to a terrific mauve/purple leather booth surrounded by white string curtains.  An immediate score for ambiance.


We were quickly greeted by our waiter, Damien, who is an absolute superstar server.  He has a terrific knowledge of the menu and is incredibly engaging.  My guests were impressed.  Another score!  At his suggestion, we shared appetizers of candied Brussel sprouts with balsamic and garlic and sweet potato fries with a blue cheese mayo.  Yum.


I ordered the house made lamb pastrami sandwich.  It had a devilled egg emulsion with a harissa slaw served in a griddled flat bread.  The pastrami absolutely melted in my mouth with a tangy spicy finish.  Inspired and outstanding.  It came with a side of wheat berry salad with arugula, pine nuts, and golden raisins.  Exotic and the perfect accompaniment to the pastrami.


Other guests enjoyed the poached albacore tuna salad with shaved fennel, quinoa, and a green goddess dressing and a braised pork shoulder with crispy gnocchi, hen of the woods mushrooms and pecorino cheese.  All superb. Everyone was floored by the flavorful dishes and overall exceptional experience.  This time I scored by astounding my clients with a perfect lunch meeting.   Trace really is more than a dash of deliciousness.  It’s the whole package!  And, one last call-out again for Damien for flawless service!
888-942-4274 ext. 701

Palm Springs, California

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