The Falls - Palm Springs, CA - CLOSED -

Told You So!

The Falls Falls Short


We started our experience in the bar.  Dominic pourer our Martinis complete with a panache of dry ice.  Very fun and he was charming.  We actually became excited about the potential experience based upon his great care.  But…then everything went downhill.


We were escorted to a corner table and presented with menus.  Atmosphere was fine, but tired.  We perused the menu which was a traditional steak house menu but the descriptions were lackluster. This should have been a sign.  We opted for The Falls Caesar Salad described only as “Prepared from Scratch Table Side for Two for $20.”  Seemed safe.



Our server arrived with a classic salad cart.  She was very nice, however, I could see the ingredients she had to work with were marginal.  Chopped Romaine (likely from a bag) and grated cheap parmesan cheese.  She did put on a fairly nice show before plating our salads which looked like buffet fare.  Dressing was bland, cheese was clearly domestic, and the rest was just boring.




For our next course, we both chose the Rack of Lamb – Creatively Prepared Daily – $38.  Another pointless description.  When it arrived it just looked like a plate of bones and potatoes.  Very poorly dressed with bits of dried meat on the ribs.  Overcooked.   A plethora of baby potatoes swimming in a brown sauce.



We asked for a side of mint sauce and were presented with canned mint jelly in a small metal tureen.  Hideous.  The kind of sauce you get at a bad diner.  No vegetable on the side.  For $38 a person in Palm Springs, this was absurd.  Dinner was pretty much inedible.


We called over the manager to share opinions and advice.  She was clearly not interested and offered no consideration for the poorly prepared and presented dishes.  Not the sign of a smart restaurateur.  The Falls Falls Short…..way Short…or maybe I should compare it to the experience of going over The Falls in a barrel.  Seemed like a good idea but turned out to be a horrific costly ride.
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Palm Springs, California

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