Billy Reed's - Palm Springs, CA - 4+ Stars


This is actually a tough restaurant to review.  One of my absolute favorites in Palm Springs for so many reasons.  I’ve had dozens and dozens of meals there over the years and have never been disappointed.  Consistently great comfort food and exceptional friendly service in a homey setting.  It’s the kind of place that my grandparents used take me to when I was a child that we considered “fancy” for special occasions that today I know as just a great place for every day breakfast, lunch, and dinner.​



Opened in 1975, Billy Reed’s is a must visit Palm Springs landmark that is still operated today by “Billy” Reed Garner and his partner Robbie Lemley.  Known for their classic American cuisine and outrageous homemade desserts (Billy makes them himself every morning), this dine-namic duo serves hundreds of locals and tourists daily in their massive antique-laden restaurant.  The menu is extensive and includes everything from honey-stung fried chicken to traditional prime rib to sautéed sand dabs!  They also have exceptional omelets and fantastic burgers and deli sandwiches.  All served any time of the day.


Dinner entrees come with soup or salad, a selection of starches (sweet, baked, mashed or hashed potatoes, or rice pilaf), a veg medley, and a choice of garlic toast, corn bread, or a delicious date nut loaf.   And, get this, you can enjoy a meal like that for as little as $12.95!    I have no idea how they do it because it is clear that they don’t skimp on quality or quantity.  Not only is every dish fresh and tasty, but I always end up taking home left-overs.  So, when I said it was tough to review Billy Reed’s it’s because of what it’s not.


It’s not gourmet.  It’s not a slick trendy atmosphere.  It’s not a place to bring pretentious friends.  It’s just plain great food, great service, and a great value.  For that it deserves 4 ½ Golden Spoons.  Oops, I should also give a nod to Jane, the hostess with the mostest, whose warm welcome always makes us feel at home.


Billy Reed’s has been a Palm Springs landmark since it opened in 1975.
888-942-4274 ext. 701

Palm Springs, California

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