Schiltz Smoked Goose -

5 Golden Spoons

It’s my second year hosting a crowd at our home in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving and it’s my second year including a Whole Schiltz Smoked Goose in my menu. From a family farm in South Dakota that was started in 1944, Schiltz is a true American tradition for many families across the country and a fantastic addition to any holiday table!! It’s also an easy dish that only takes about an hour or so to warm in the oven and it looks spectacularly on a platter with crab apples as garnish. The rich dark goose is moist and smoky and there is a surprising amount of meat on the bird.


For the adventurous, try the suggested Blackberry Sauce recipe on the website from Chef John at Food Wishes. Yum. It takes a few hours to simmer, but well worth the wait. A combination of balsamic vinegar, red wine, and blackberry jam with renderings from the goose wing tips, it’s the ultimate side sauce for this dish. Our table main courses also included a   and  Believe it or not we also had fourteen side dishes including three kinds of potatoes (traditional garlic, yams, and Yukon Gold truffle smashed), homemade cranberry orange relish, pickled persimmon salad, Yorkshire pudding, poached white balsamic asparagus, pureed turmeric eggplant, and basmati saffron rice cake.


Deserts included lemon quark cheesecake, traditional pumpkin pie, assorted mini-pastries, and my signature cotton-candy puffs with Mayan cocoa! Needless to say, it was quite an extravagant Thanksgiving but it’s the one holiday when I like to pull out all of the stops. The evening ended with take-home packages for guests of left-overs with little personalized commemorative leaf-shaped bottles of organic maple syrup that had also served earlier as table placeholders!
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