Vegetti Gadget Review

Okay. So I was sold on the infomercial hype.  Veggetti seemed like a cool tool to spiral your way to oodles of vegetable “noodles.”  Just twist a zucchini into this little gadget and you have ribbons of fresh veggie strips for a quick stir fry.  I’ve been doing this myself for years with an old fashioned vegetable peeler but this seemed so much easier I had to give it a go.  Since I didn’t want to wait a few days for the TV offer, I went online and discovered that Bed, Bath, & Beyond and them in stock so I rushed out to the store and, $14.99 later, I had my Veggetti in hand.


I decided to test a zucchini, just like on TV.  What I quickly realized is that, unlike with the traditional peeler, you needed your veg to be just the right size for the twisting tube.  Too big and it won’t fit and too small and you run the risk of slipping and grating off a fingertip.  Ouch.  I almost actually did this.


So, with the perfect sized legume, I quickly grated a nice little bowl of noodles.  However, there is a lot of waste involved as you can’t twist the entire veg in the grater.  You lose an inch or so.  I also tried a carrot.  Not quite the right size and not quite as effective.  Bottom line.  It’s a fun idea but other kitchen tools do the trick more easily and veg-effectively.  I hate to waste food.  Only 2 Golden Spoons for the Veggetti.  Nice try, but really more of a gimmick than a must-have tool.
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