Mojito's Restaurant - San Juan, Puerto Rico - 4 Golden Spoons


Magnificent Mofongos!


While strolling the streets of downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico, a little street side restaurant caught our attention. Charming café with an impressive menu of local specialties. We were particularly intrigued by the selection of Mofongos and wide range of unique Puerto Rican appetizers. It was a hot balmy afternoon but we decided to brave the heat and sit at a small table on the sidewalk. We probably would have been more comfortable inside, but there is something about sitting on a bustling street packed with locals and tourists that added a bit of life to our lunch. We were greeted by a charming waiter that quickly provided us with ice water and a run-down of the menu. At his suggestions, we started with an appetizer combination plate, as assortment of fried cheeses, turnovers, and fish. A lot of food for all of $13.95. The Cordon Bleu Balls were particularly interesting. Crisp, cheesy, and tart. Fun. Of course, we also ordered a Mofongo. We opted for the Carne Frita. A Mofongo is a concoction of stuffed mashed plantains that are formed onto the sides and bottom of a bowl. Then a meat mixture is added to the center and another thin layer of plantains tops that off. The bowl is then inverted onto a plate of shredded lettuce and topped with a sauce. The end result is a bright yellow/orange half-globe of deliciousness with, in our case, a spicy chicken center. Other filling options include fried pork, shredded beef, or shrimp and even a vegetarian choice. A must-have in San Juan. At that point, we were too full to try anything else, but the menu is extensive and we will definitely go back the next time we visit San Juan.
888-942-4274 ext. 701

Palm Springs, California

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