Fasta Pasta - 4+ Stars

​I was shopping at one of my favorite stores in Indian Wells, CA – Kitchen, Kitchen – and the owner, Jan, suggested I buy this gadget.  I was incredibly skeptical.  A microwave pasta cooker?  Ridiculous.  But I trusted her judgment.  For my first use, I decided to make rotelli pasta for a salad.  The instructions seemed simple.  Place the pasta in the plastic base.  Fill with water to the designated line.  Place in the microwave on high for 13 minutes.  How would this thing not boil over?  Would the pasta be over or under cooked?  When the timer dinged, I opened the microwave door and took out the container.  I used the specially designed lid to drain the pasta.  Much to my surprise it was perfect evenly cooked al dente pasta!!  No mess.  No waiting for water to boil.  Crazy.  I’ve used it numerous times now and each batch of pasta has been a perfect success.  Who knew?  I’m actually likely to cook pasta more often now!
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Palm Springs, California

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