Taste on Ellis - San Francisco, CA - 5 Golden Spoons

What a fantastic addition to San Francisco’s food scene. Located in the newly renovated Hotel Fusion, you enter Taste on Ellis via a dramatic staircase in the hotel lobby that takes you up to the second floor where you’ll find an intimate dining room with a contemporary décor with hints of Asian flair. The hostess was charming and we were immediately greeted by several servers. The menu was extensive with a Hawaiian Hispanic influence offered up in small and large plates at reasonable prices. Honestly, I wanted to try every dish as the descriptions were exotic and inspiring so we decided to taste a few. To start, we chose the Beet and Portagee Sausage Salad. Gold and red beets on top of a frisee with goat cheese fritters and deconstructed sausage. The mix of flavors and textures was unique and flavorful. A balsamic reduction added just the right amount of tartness to the dish.


Next, the Hot Stone Wagyu. What a dramatic presentation. A generous portion of uncooked Wagyu beef, cut into delicate strips next to a steaming hot river stone surrounded by shishito peppers with a miso vinaigrette on the side. Tiny tongs were provided to sear your own beef on the stone. I tried it with and without the sauce, cooked and uncooked. Each preparation was absolutely delicious. On to the Musubi Roll. I hadn’t actually heard of this before but I understand it’s trending! It’s sort of a delicate burrito with a layer of nori filled with seasoned rice, Spam, and wasabi tobiko. It’s fried and cut into wedges topped with a siracha aioli. What a surprise. Something to experience! We were already getting full but we asked our server if there was anything else we “must” try. The house Wagyu burger was suggested. I didn’t see it on the menu, but I understand you can ask for it. Seemed like an odd suggestion, but boy was it absolutely amazing. A simple plating with just the burger and traditional fries, but the juiciness of the burger and the perfection of the fries made this a memorable dish. To finish the dinner, we just had to have a little something sweet. The sous-chef took the lead on this one and prepared a nice sampler for us. Malasadas, a guava tres leches, house made peanut-butter chocolate fudge, bread pudding, and more. We were spoiled.



An overall spectacular taste of Taste. Superb service. Unique dishes. Completely new flavor profiles. Taste on Ellis certainly deserves 5 Golden Spoons!



888-942-4274 ext. 701

Palm Springs, California

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