Roast Prime Rib

Nothing says Winter more than a gorgeous roast prime rib.  Heavy salt and pepper.  Fat side up.  Slow roast (250 degrees) until rare.  Hot finish at 500 degrees for an additional 15 minutes produces the perfect crust.  Yum.

Meyer Lemon Curd

​I owe this take-away to the Grant Grill in San Diego.  I love using meyer lemon curd to fill tart cups for dessert, but try placing a dab on a grilled scallop!  Adds a tart/sweet surprise that delights dinner guests.

Pizza Pretzel Bread

FTD Take-away – From Matchbox in Palm Springs, CA - You can make your own pizza pretzel bread by rolling pizza dough into a two foot-long 3/4 inch roll and twisting it into a pretzel-like shape. Top with coarse sea salt and cook at 400 degrees in a convection oven for about 12 minutes (cooking times vary based upon the dough and oven) until slightly brown on the outside. Serve with your own garlic butter which you can easily prepare by adding crushed garlic and fresh herbs to room temp salted butter. Chill slightly before serving so you can scoop out a teaspoon or two for the perfect presentation. Easy, impressive, and just plain fun to eat at your next picnic or pasta dinner!​

Octopus Salad

FTD Take-Away - From a small cafe in Rome -Anyone who is a bit adventurous can make their own warm octopus salad.  The trick is a quick sauté in olive oil of thinly sliced fresh octopus with par-boiled peanut size potato bits, cherry tomatoes, and lots of chopped parsley. A dash of lemon juice and a touch of salt finishes the dish.  Give it a try someday.  Ciao!​

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